Crafty kids by Sage Reed

The Land of Nod is one of my favorite clients, it is an amazing company with beautiful product and an incredibly fun creative team. Most of all I love that I get to make playful crafted moments, everything from a duct tape viking costume to a soft sculpture cactus.

SX70. a love affair. by Sage Reed

I love my 1972 leather and aluminum folding SX70, found in a NM thrift store when I was 17. I have such a deep affection for its beautiful design, and the art of the uncontrolled tones and flaws of this instant film. 



Birthday in NYC by Sage Reed

I was honored to be asked to design a beautiful media dinner for a Land of Nod press event.  It is lovely to work in NYC with a little time to spare for crisp morning walks on the Highline and peruse favorite trims shops, fabric stores and flower markets. I spent my birthday with my incredibly talented old friend Kaye.  We sat in our usual spot at the counter Oyster Bar in Grand Central, ordered dozens of oysters for their poetic names, paired with a bottle of cold Sancerre and stories of Ewan McGregors costumes, merkin fittings and how to rehab a soul. Then gorgeous time spent with Michelle in Brooklyn tattoo shops, hotels, steak houses and gin bars. Stopped in to see Angela at Shop Architects, a bounty of inspiration. Completed this perfect visit with a whirlwind late night jaunt to the infamous El Quijote, with some mezcal, pulpo and more fabulous company.   I'm rich with clients and friends who made for a perfect working birthday in New York.


Artichoke by Sage Reed

I have little love affairs with many beautiful vegetables, but artichokes are kind of my favorite.

Artichokes are a thistle, a flower bud, a creature, an aphrodisiac. The plant is stunning, unique and Its an adventure to eat them, to progress through layers to find a jewel in the middle. Mostly my adoration is all about memories....

When I was little we lived off and on in Nerja Spain, a coastal town near Malaga. Francoist times had fallen in 1975 and Spain still had a patina,  the coast had not yet been destroyed by northern European highrise-condo-golf-pubs-tourism yet. 

My memories of those times are strong and beautiful- Spanish ladies carrying me off, buckets of olives in the markets,  squid ink tapas,  trumpet flowers, the scent of wild thyme on the hill sides, soft white stone beaches, castañetas, marcona almonds, my grandmothers 70s silver sandals, old fishermen, flamenco dolls, hot pink bougainvillea, mom listening to Dire Straights and smoking an occasional Ducado, endless lavender,  my yellow espadrilles, orange blossoms, gypsies and bootleg Julio Iglesias cassette tapes.

It will always be one of my favorite places in the world, and every time I eat this lovely thistle, I think of Spain.


An artichoke grown in my mothers Finnish greenhouse.

An artichoke grown in my mothers Finnish greenhouse.

Nerja, Spain  

Nerja, Spain